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Community Involvement

Our Community is where we do business and Our People live, work and play and Outback strives to be is active in the community to make valuable contributions to it. See some of the support we are providing for our community.


The Diamond Dolphins is Mitsubishi Electronics'men's basketball team that was established in 1950. It is one of the teams in the Japan Basketball League, based in Nagoya.

Outback Steakhouse Japan supports the Diamond Dolphins by providing prizes for half time events during some of their games.

Visit the Diamond Dolphins website

Beach Cleanup in Makuhari

Outback Steakhouse Makuhari contributes to the community by conducting cleanups of the beach in Makuhari and nearby stations. Please join the Makuhari team if you are interested in participating in these cleanup events. Contact Outback Steakhouse Makuhari for details.